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volunteers as the leader of the voters of california and a small business owner san francisco. and olds a degree in government and a diploma in public policy from the university of edenburo >> thank you very much >> good evening, everyone, this election we have candidates for state senate district eleven, miss additionally, viewers from the it, brooke man community center will submit questions on-line. the time keepers in the first row, will hold up a yellow card to signify to the candidates that they have 15 seconds remaining and will hold up a red card when it is time to stop. both candidates have agreed to ask their supporters in the audience to be respectful of the other candidate and others in the audience and to maintain quiet during the forum. i also ask you respect this commitment. you have many important decisions to make on november 6th. today's forum gives you the opportunity to ask questions to help you make decisions. now let's begin. >> we will start with question number one, miss difficult on. >> retire aoes in the public and private sectors are faced with nrets to benefi
, the cold front that is about to hit us up here means hot dry winds in state of california. that fact is no stranger to people here on the panel. it doesn't take much to fan hot, dry vegetation that has been soaking in that hot sun. when i say soaking, it means it gets the moisture level so low where it's kindling in the forest. you have more people moving in, more vegetation growing, it's a recipe for nature trying to do its thing and people in the way. so with this, it takes a lot of support whether we're talking about the fire lines, behind the fire lines or been above the fire lines to provide that support. it takes a whole mix of people whether it's the department of defense and even fema having roles to play in that. bob fenton, the assistant chief of fema, used to be the division chief in division 9. he is no stranger to this area, born and raised here, this is his home and so he does have a care and an interest in this community and beyond. and so with that it is hard to fill being his replacement at the regional level because not only to fill his shoes all the great work
enough scale we call mue tour aid, california lass a great mue tour aid system. i think it's looked at nationally because we have souch excellent cooperation with our cooperating agencies. once it reaches that point, the team will come in and assist the local jurisdiction to run that incident. when we start having multiple fires in a certain area, then we get into what we call area command. i think that provides the overview. >> i talked a little bit about mou's and relationships with the marines. maybe we can talk about how is the national guard and dod resources and capabilities integrated into the command and control at the fire and also the supporting ops centers whether it be the gac or other centers down there. maybe our military personnel can talk about that, or ray. >> it's important to note that we are the supporting effort to cal fire and we get called in when they are basically out of assets. we are working for cal fire, they are the incident commanders, we follow their coordination, typically we're the last ones in and the first ones out. we do have an on-going rel
northern california division. all of them will be used to provide support and get things up and running. so we're happy to send crews out there to restore customers. we've got 150 employees going from northern and central california that. is designed so we can still maintain safe operations here in california while we're helping our utilities on the coast coast. >> most of the teams have helped other agencies before. the teams expected to arrive in white plains new york in the morning and will hit the ground running. relieving some of the team that's are already working and have been working, around the clock in the field most of them have been just trying to restore power lines assess damage and find out what it is they need. that is why pg&e is determined to get there tonight, if they can. i want you to see these teams that are headed to new york tonight. hope floi get there before midnight but by morning they say they're determined to get brothers and sisters on the east coast up and running again. >> nick, thank you very much. the red cross making a plea for blood donations tonight. the
there was some vibration this morning. yes, part of it, we were doing the california shake-up drill with 9.3 million in the state of california, but i think there was vibrations. mayor mathews and mayor reed were jumping up and down because i told them we were putting together something that would not only be a great way to work together but something they have also been personally wishing could happen and be led by the city. so today we are of course unveiling our promotional launch but getting here has been something on my mind. it's been one of those very solid topic that jen and i spent good time together. my office, where i call it inappropriately the man cave, but it is a place where i think we have had a chance to talk about the honest going relationship that the niners, the oldest professional sports franchise in the state of california, that's still here in the state of california. it is wonderful to have this opportunity. we have other ideas we can't talk about yet because they are not matured but this came to us fast. it was an opportunity we have rarely. but to be able to be in
will you be able to help? ?oo ?a northern california has rich and diverse medical response capabilities. it's impressive the types of capabilities, the number of assets, the number of people trained to do these things are. the california national guard has air and land assets that are substantial and can be rapidly deployed to assist the civil responders in their mission to move people, to get things set up, to establish common security. it's a partnership that really needs to happen and is natural. the governor controls the california national guard, he can make forces appear very rapidly in support of a regional disaster, a local emergency or wherever they are needed, and transportation, communication, security logistics capabilities that come to the table really augment the medical care that's being provided in the disaster scene. >> like colonel ingels, i was impressed by the robust, defined chain of command and a large response capable of being produced. however, in an overwhelming disaster things don't always go as planned and certainly our experiences in combat has showed us th
capabilities. northern california communication system and integrating those with our robust communication system, through dsca and the various military interagencies. we will do that, partly because it's interesting, partly because it's challenges, but because as someone said all disasters are local. somewhere there's a little girl or little by or grandmother that is counting on us to get it right. so i thank you in advance for that young boy, that young girl, that family, whose lives will be changed, whose lives may even be preserved, because of your efforts. thank you for inviting me here today, thank you for allowing me to learn from you, thank you for allowing me it share a little bit about what we do and mostly to simply say thank you, it was my pleasure to be here, secretary schultz, thank you, admiral beeman, thank you. ladies and gentlemen, that's all i have. if you have any questions i'll be happy to take them. response and recovery. and the moderator for this panel is the city administrator for the city and county of san francisco, naomi kelly. please help me welcome naomi
of. we had an enormous amount of support from inhost services and i think about the california budget which has a $20,000 budget gap and the inhome services was one of those services that was cut where it was decided that we could not provide seniors care at home. instead, they are now going to the emergency room and seeking much more expensive healthcare. we need to do a whole list tick approach and cut back the safety net that we have been cutting. and we need to make sure that we honor or seniors by making sure that they are taken care of during their later years in life. >> so a related question starting you mr. ting. >> retirees are faced with threats from their benefits from under funded pension funds what would you do to stop this from happening in the future and how do you make them live up to their obligations >> that is a great question, someone who is a fiscal question who has been working hard to make sure that the city and county of san francisco does everything possible to leave up responsibilities my office help to bring in above the budget due to the hard work of our o
received scores of complaints about naked people in the castro district. the áf. >>> a northern california grocery store chain trying to avoid a strike told employees the company is losing millions of the dollars a year. raley's employs about 13,000 people with stores in california and nevada. raley's management says 40 of their stores are losing money so they want to freeze employee wages and eliminate premium pay for sunday shifts. the employee union organized a strike yesterday. >>> polls have shown a steady decline for the income tax initiative. the governor has faced criticism. opponents of prop 30 say their message remains the same. >> our message is simply that you can't trust the politicians with a $50 million slush fund to spend on anything they want. we all want better schools but prop 30 is not the answer. >>> voters who registered online in several northern california counties say they're yellow registration card has not arrived. sacramento, yolo, solano an stanislaus appear to have lagged in sending out those cards. >>> there are new accusations against the california assembl
of the university of california. >> the sponsor is supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. the legislation before us today relates to the extremely important 55 laguna project in district 8. this project in addition to providing close to 500 units of much-needed housing, in the upper market and haight valley/lower haight area will almost provide 40% of the units as affordable units, including the open house project. which provides over 100 affordable housing units for lgbt seniors and as we know the needs of our lgbt senior population are significant. right now waller street, the imaginery waller street because it's not really a street anymore, but it's technically a street bisects the project. the resolution before us today will authorize a are purchase and sale agreement between the city and the university of california for waller street right-of-way between laguna and buchanan. it's currently unimproved and not accessible to the public and is useds a private parking lot for ucsf. this agreement the university of california will record a restricted easement and sharing
themselves. the forces we deploy from southern california and the east coast that float into theater understand disaster assistance and humantarian response very well. that hasn't quite migrated itself into the institutional arena in terms of forces stationed here in the united states as it would relate to defense support to civil authorities. i think that's primarily -- this is not a primary mission for us. it's something that we do pay attention to, of course, as we deploy overseas. not necessarily forces we have here in the states. we do understand immediate response, rolling out the gate to help our neighbors in an immediate nature, but i think not so much in terms of mobilization and deploying inside our country. so, this is an area where opportunities like san francisco fleet week will allow us for, and i believe at some point really incorporate this in some internal doctrine that will benefit us in the event that this is a requirement inside the u.s. >> thank you. this morning secretary schultz asked one of the panels that was involved in communications and command and control
, witnesses on one northern california beach struggle to save a surfer suffering from a gruesome shark bite. and the pain at the pump is easing. >> later in this broadcast, ready for the big parade tomorrow. also the nba season is underway with lebron james doing his business. it's all later in this broadcast. how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >>> a man recovering after a shark attack in humboldt bay. he had a 17-inch shark bite and several other tears to his body. people on the beach jumped into the water and pull him to safety. >> four or five serious gashes from his nipple down to his hip, and he was bleeding out pretty good. so we hopped on him right away, me and one other guy that happened to be an emt. >> another surfer drove the woman to the hospital. he is expected -- the man to the hospital. he is expected to survive. >>> information about an arrest made in connection with vandalism of a muni bus at 3rd and market. this happened on monday just after mi
of the inmates death. >>> for the second time in a week a shark has attacked a surfer off the california coast. today's attack happened off county coast at bunker surf spot in eureka not far from the airport there. this is a photo of the surfer's board and you can clearly see a large bight was taken out. witnesses say the 25-year-old man was bleeding profusely but made it out of the water by himself. he had at least four 12-inch gashes on his midsection and hip. remember it was one week ago today that a 39-year-old surfer died after he was attacked by sharks off the santa barbara coast. >>> a san francisco neighborhood has been put on alert after a series of encounters with aggressive ra coons. reporting the run ins with ra coons. most happen after dark but early one morning a baby ra coon fell out of a tree and its mother scratched a woman's dog. now, the department has put up warning signs, ordered ra coon resistant garbage cans and asked the woman who has been feegd wild animals in the park to stop. up next a live report from the jersey shore on the dire situation there. what's being done t
will remain a consultant on the film. >>> another shark attack off the coast of california, and tonight a surfer is badly hurt. it is the second in a few days in fact. the fatal attack happened last week in southern california and another happened at noon off the humboldt coastline. john is here to explain why this time of year means sharks get closer to people. >> today's incident follows the fatal attack that happened in southern california. there have been several noninjury shark encounters this year. it is why some surfers call this month sharktober. the image on the surfboard says it all. a chunk taken out by what is believed to be a great white shark. it seriously injured a 25-year-old surfer off the coast of humboldt county. he had a 14-inch gash from his ribs to his hip. >> we hoped on him right away. me and another guy that happened to be an emt. we hoped on top of him and used our body weight to hold it in and make sure he wasn't bleeding too bad. >> another victim put him in his truck and rushed him to waiting help. >> they were in the back of the car and applying pressure to
a consultant on the film. >>> another shark attack off the coast of california, and tonight a surfer is badly hurt. it is the second in a few days in fact. the fatal attack happened last week in southern california and another happened at noon off the humboldt coastline. john is here to explain why this time of year means sharks get closer to people. >> today's incident follows the fatal attack that happened in southern california. there have been several noninjury shark encounters this year. it is why some surfers call this month sharktober. the image on the surfboard says it all. a chunk taken out by what is believed to be a great white shark. it seriously injured a 25-year-old surfer off the coast of humboldt county. he had a 14-inch gash from his ribs to his hip. >> we hoped on him right away. me and another guy that happened to be an emt. we hoped on top of him and used our body weight to hold it in and make sure he wasn't bleeding too bad. >> another victim put him in his truck and rushed him to waiting help. >> they were in the back of the car and applying pressure to the wounds. the g
said. it's about the quality of our air. again sitting comfortably in other projects in california that secretary lahood hood worked so hard on. the two senators were instrumental in making better and we in the house urged passage for the high speed rail in the central valley, whether it's mass transit, rail, high speed rail and terminal and presidio and others -- what is it? transit first? transit first. it's about jobs. it's about comcommerce. it's about quality of air. it's about quality of life and building consensus in america and by doing so and by listening and leadership from the white house we are able to be a model to the nation with projects of national significance so that other communities can follow our lead, and i join the mayor in seluting the leadership of president barack obama. without his leadership, his priorities, without the work that was done in appropriations committee and diane is a senior -- when i say senior i mean high ranking. i was a senior too so i take it as a complement but that's where a lot of this work is done so without president bara
>> when the new california academy of sciences opened in 2008, it quickly became one of the top tourist magnets in the city. part of the cal academies' astronomical success is the weekly nightlife party. >> i am joined by helen, who is here to school me on all the nocturnal activities that are getting ready to take place here. tell us a little about what we can expect to see at nightlife. >> we open up the doors every thursday night at the california academy of sciences. there are certain things you can see every week you can go to the museum, visit the planetarium, and we bring in bars and a deejay or band. it is a different feel from during the day, something different every week. tonight , we have beer and music. -- tonight we have great beer and music. it is beer week. we have a dozen local brewers in african hall. we have a deejays to set up throughout the museum and a live performance at 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> what has been your favorite part as a participant or as an observer? >> my favorite part is to walk around the aquarium in to see people with a drink in their hands,
donation must be identified. california's fair political practices commission stopped that ruling when a phoenix based group donated millions to fight two california propositions. when money is earmarked for an initiative, they must be identified. voters are already casting ballots, so the judge said they need to make an informed decision. >>> even if you're not one of the million people expected to go to the parade, you'll probably watch it on tv or online. it's a big deal and they're working around the clock. the giant's parade starts tomorrow. monty francis joins us with the last-minute preparations. i can even see behind you some sneak peeks what we're going to see tomorrow. >> reporter: raj, we're here at pier 54 where workers are racing against the clock, getting ready for the big parade. you can see they're putting the finishing touches on some of these floats. across town at city hall, they're gearing up for what is sure to be a huge celebration. more than a million people flooded the city in 2010 for the ticker tape parade honoring the giants. so the mayor is urging anyone pla
into the front of the muni bus. >>> it's the second shark attack on a surfer in california. the attack happened at bunkers surfboard. that's what happened to the surfer's board. that bite mark there is unmistakable. a man on the beach said the surfer was able to get out of the water on his own but was bleeding profusely. >> he was really gashed up. he had serious gashes from his nipple down to his hip. he was definitely bleeding out pretty good. >> reporter: the surfer was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery. he remains there tonight. it was last tuesday that a surfer died after he was attacked by a sharp off the santa clara coastline. >>> the storm's massive footprint has left at least 50 people dead and a huge some surge has caused widespread flooding. tonight more than 8 million people are without power. countless others had to be rescued from their flooded homes and many of them don't know when they will be able to return. this is what it looked like in new jersey where waters stranded hundreds of cabs. the storm continues to move north where residents are bracing for more pote
of folks that don't have power. 150 troubleshooters, linemen, engineers from all across california boarded a plane at mather field last night. crews say they are used to battling bad weather here in california but the one thing that worries them is getting lost. >> the biggest thing i think problem is not being familiar with the area. good thing i have gps and all that will help out a lot because we won't have any maps and i have only been there as a tourist. >> a fleet of pg&e utility trucks is also en route to the east coast. >>> new york city is slowly coming back to life this morning. newark airport has just reopened and jfk will open shortly. but laguardia is still shut down. it looks more like a lake out there. look at that. that is a lot of water. more than 18,000 flights have been canceled nationwide. hundreds right here in the bay area. and the storm put taxis in a watery grave. this is a shot from hoboken, new jersey. you can see the taxis submerged in the water. to give you an idea how powerful sandy was, home video caught this amazing sight. check it out. a giant tree uprooted
to the families there without power. 150 troubleshooters, linemen and engineers from all across california boarded a plane at mather field last night. crews say they are used to battling bad weather here in california but the one thing that worries them is getting lost. >> the biggest thing i think is not being familiar with the area. good thing i have, you know, gps and all that. it will help me out a lot because we won't have any maps and i've only been there as a tourist. >> a fleet of pg&e utility trucks is also en route. >>> air service to and from new york city is slowly resuming. newark airport got back in action about an hour ago. jfk will be open later this morning. but laguardia is still shut down and it's still covered with water. take a look. more than 18,000 flights have been canceled nationwide. hundreds right here in the bay area. and some taxis are rolling again in new york but others are still under water. this is a shot from hoboken, new jersey. >>> many of the deaths due to the storm are blamed on falling trees. this is amazing video right now. home video caught this sight of a
out in california, in arizona, in oregon, in montana, in texas, in louisiana, in connecticut, in ohio, in pennsylvania, and that's just what i can remember right now. >> narrator: speaking from a federal prison, barksdale says there was a simple way in which he pieced together this far-flung matrix of fraud. barksdale and jackson use a middleman named donald taylor to recruit scammers across the country to go into banks. >> donald taylor was sort of the johnny appleseed of this bank fraud. he would travel around the country and bring in people to the scheme. >> narrator: he brings in the montana crew, a team in indiana, and scammers in arizona, using a simple pitch. >> taylor basically approaches people, saying, "this is fast, easy money, a quick way to make $2,000." >> narrator: the male-female dynamic at work in these crews follows a pattern. pimps recruited by taylor send young women, dubbed "runners," into the banks. they take most of the risk, but keep just a fraction of the money. >> this scheme could not have worked without the ability of men to manipulate these women who were
the california coast. today: he is selling lucasfilms to disney. so, side has sold o >>> a stunner from george lucas today. he is selling lucasfilms to disney. so basically the dark side is sold out to the happiest place on earth. is how about snow white and the seven ewoks. we could go on and on. cbs 5 reporter linda yee on the empire going all hollywood. >> reporter: it's a force even the toughest storm trooper can't defeat. disney is guiding the star ship in a $4 billion deal that includes lucasfilms. in a company video statement, george lucas said he's putting away his light saber and trusting the house of mickey mouse to take over. >> i realize at some point i needed to retire. i wanted to go on and do other things. the final block was to find a good solid home for the company. >> reporter: lucas employs up to 1400 people here at campus in san francisco. lucasfilm employees did meet with lucas as well as top management all afternoon to discuss their future. by night fall three bus loads of workers returned, many looking grim. what did they tell you? >> i probably shouldn't tell you. >> re
! >>> he's the man in a wheelchair who has done it all. >> he's been skydiving in california, new jersey, tennessee. done all kinds of crazy things. >> now he's got a request to help him reach a new goal. >> take me to space, if you would. >> find out which famous face could be his ticket to space. >>> and louis is putting on the perfect stunt for halloween. >> he is going to eat a live tarantula. >> got to make sure he doesn't bite me. >> see how it all goes down on "right this minute." [ howling ] >>> it's officially halloween, and you're going to see so many creepy costumes out there. >> uh-huh. >> yeah, yeah. >> and who's creepier than the tv character dexter? >> ah. >> oh. >> pretty cripe. >> creepier is dexter -- >> creepy. >> dexter. >> well, this girl made a video tutorial on to you become a dexter victim and you see her going through the process. >> oh, oh. okay. she's not nude. >> you're not nude, but you can be if you want to. whatever. >> cheap, super easy. incredibly last minute. she's wrapped up in saran wrap. she even has a wound on her chest with blood in it, like it spil
. these guys work with hartman studios out of richmond, california they put in whole parade on. your job is what? >> decorating cable cars for giants. we are doing the staging at civic center. we have a lot of groups out there. >> reporter: when you say decorating cable cars are you like an artist? >> putting on balloons, [ unintelligible ] some banners. >> reporter: are you going to meet players? >> we should. >> reporter: who are you looking forward to meet? >> everybody, the whole team. >> reporter: the folks from hartman studios out of richmond, california. getting ready for the big parade. i'm terry mcsweeney back to you. >>> getting ready cause here we come. >>> a lot of people are coming into the city about a million if you are one the best advice is use mass transit. >> sue has the latest on the service -- >> parking is going to be at a premium if you work in the area south of market, mass transit would be a great way to get around, delivery people it is going to be a nightmare until the parade is over closed market up to civic center plaza, mission 'em and beale, stewart, spear
asistencia y formado por trabajadores de california. >> la tomrneta sansu cancelos vuelos y enh la terminal aerea de oakland también. se les recomienda revisar el estado de lo vuelos >> a una tranajadora le cambio la vida tras perder el pie. >> un jurado dirá si las familias deben ser compensadas por este accidente y la serie pre- paranoia ---una trabajadora del campo sufrio un accidente laboral que le >> una trabajadora sufrió un accidente laboral. >> hace una semana mientras trabajaba en el caqmpo un tractor le molio el pie. >> ya cuando la sacaron su pie se sostenia nada más de la calceta de acá y acá y se sostenia de los nervios >> iba empezando a acomodar camote y me volvtie y vi un poste y saque mi pie y no podía sacar el otro. >> y el tractor se acercaba y empezamos agritar y fus schock >> seguen ella el chofer conducía con las ventanas cerradas y debieron tirar piedras para que parara. >> los datos dicen que nbo fueorn bien entrandos para ese trabajao >> esta bajo investigación >> seguira trabnajadno porquee es madre soltera >> cambaindo de tema la compañía pg & e cientos
brigade and units through the state of california have that same communication but the iceu, which is a mobile communications platform, is ideal in events like this to push out to help. >> any other questions? >> i have one. back in 1992 when it was a big fire season and there was a lot of grass, they came to us and i was down at camp pendleton and they asked us it train marines on shovel work. what happened about 6 months later, they ended up sending two battalions to yellowstone. i haven't heard any discussion at all, do you expect the military, the guard or the active forces to be training people to do shovel-like work? all you have talked about so far is aviation. >> one of the challenges with a ground-based attack and training a soldier to be a ground-based fire fighter is the training takes time. and it takes approximately 3 to 5 days of solid training to make sure that they are going to be working in a safe environment to learn what's going on. and most of the time that, the incidents in california will become mitigated. now, not to say that we certainly have that as a
and made it possible for this to be watched all over northern california. all right. are you ready now? we can really get it started. [cheers and applause] . i said are you ready? [cheers and applause] it is my pleasure now to introduce two members of the best broadcast team in baseball. please welcome dave fleming and john miller. >> now, all along the parade route this song that echoed through the ballpark and my broadcast partner on the radio dave fleming somehow has involuntary reaction to it. a lot of people think he's so into it. whenever the music comes on he can't contain himself. it's not even that and i'm going to show you it right now. >> i'm not sure where you're going with this john. >> it's uncontrollable for him so he's not really into even the thought of it but i want to show you what really happens. we seen him do it so many times in the ballpark. along the parade route they were pleading for him to do it. >> i don't know. >> so really -- now keep your eyes on dave. watch what happens when i say "oh gangom style". >> john, can do it with me too. >> okay, okay. i ca
to be in the area for at least three weeks. the california national guard has also been called in to help. airplanes, helicopters, and two specialized rescue teams, including the 129 rescue wing out of moffitt field have been mobilized. it's one of only thee of its kind in the country and will be taking the lead in rescue operations. so what can you do to help? so many people want to send supplies, but the red cross says in this case, cash is king. cash donations will help the most and will help immediately. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >>> well, new york is the financial capital of the world, but sandy has shut it down. until now, after two days of closure, the new york stock exchange and nasdaq will reopen tomorrow. it's the first weather-related shutdown in more than 25 years. in the meantime, the election is just one week away. polling places might have to be moved, and absentee voting deadlines might be pushed back because of the superstorm. today president obama went to the red cross headquarters in washington, d.c. to reassure storm victims that fema and other agencies
and of san francisco and the bay area and california broadly. (applause) >> you know, it's an honor to get up here and represent my boss, secretary kathleen sebelius and be like brandt colfax, another round of applause for dr. colfax, please. (applause) >> to have a reinvest and recovery act, our stimulus law with the leadership of leader pelosi, of our mayor, of our supervisors, and our community to have $9-1/2 million given to this city and to this area for this. but not just for this, but everybody's already setting this this morning, the local impact, the state impact, the national impact, and indeed the international impact. and i represent a region that is 50 million people. california, arizona, nevada, hawaii, it's a three territories and three countries in the pacific. and i could tell you that i have moved around my region. i've been working with the hiv/aids and other communities throughout our region. do you know how many people have said to me, i got my information through san francisco? (applause) >> that is something to be really proud of. you know, i'll tell you a little bit of
as well. lucas will remain a consultant on the film. >>> another shark attack off the coast of california, and tonight a surfer is badly hurt. it is the second in a few days in fact. the fatal attack happened last week in southern california and another happened at noon off the humboldt coastline. john is here to explain why this time of year means sharks get closer to people. >> today's incident follows the fatal attack that happened in southern california. there have been several noninjury shark encounters this year. it is why some surfers call this month sharktober. the image on the surfboard says it all. a chunk taken out by what is believed to be a great white shark. it seriously injured a 25-year-old surfer off the coast of humboldt county. he had a 14-inch gash from his ribs to his hip. >> we hoped on him right away. me and another guy that happened to be an emt. we hoped on top of him and used our body weight to hold it in and make sure he wasn't bleeding too bad. >> another victim put him in his truck and rushed him to waiting help. >> they were in the back of the car and applyin
with disabilities. what happened was, elevator technology outpaced california building code. building code has a number a provision that makes traditional elevators usable by people with disabilities, but destination elevators presented challenges, particularly with cited. how do you know to get from this keypad to your our corporate car? >> we had a terrific program where we develop and administer the bulletin, which your help, elevator companies, involvement from the public, and you can tell us the outcome of that. >> what is amazing about the process is we had both government and private industry, as well as people with disabilities at the table for three years creating these accessibility standards. what we are doing here is being looked at by the department of justice access board and state architect's office. that is how good our standards are. would you like to see? i am going to push the access key which will activate the voice. i want to go to floor 24. ok, to the left. >> elevator j has arrived. >> that was smooth. >> i am getting a text message. it is amazing, these destination elev
. >>> member of california's national guard and emergency management agencies are heading to the east coast. the national guard is sending two helicopters and two para helicopter teams. >>> now we showed you yesterday here at five clock how that super storm is affecting bay area air travel. today the situation is easing just a bit. ktvu's paul chambers live at sfo with the one thing there that seems to be saving some passengers from misery. >> reporter: the effects can still be felt in the bay area. however there is hope airport officials say some cities have limited service. >> reporter: if you're headed to or coming from the east coast the signs for your flight replains the same. cancelled. 115 in all here at sfo. >> a large number of cancellations, the difference is today we are beginning to see some limited flights coming from the west coast to primarily boston and washington, d.c. >> reporter: that's good news for some but not for the people we spoke with who are headed to the new york city area knowing they may have to spend the night in san francisco making them a little miserable si
days, almost 300 to an from sfo. california rescue crews however are getting as close as they can to the storm and what's left in its wake. yesterday the california national guard sent military airplanes, helicopters and pararescue teams to assist in flood zones. and today, pg&e crews are gearing up to help the millions left without power. >> pitching in, in the wake of's disaster such a hurricane or natural disaster such as a fire and helping rebuild electrical infrastructure. >> reporter: more than 150 pg&e crews including underground specialists will help supplies cables and repair power poles knocked down by falling trees. governor jerry brown announced the california emergency management agency is also working to deploy utility crews while members of the state's urban search-and-rescue are already on scene. the red cross, however, is having the same problem as many travelers. >> we are not able to send any more volunteers because the airports are closed. >> reporter: nearly 11,000 people stayed in red cross shelters overnight in 16 states. >> in the flooding situation, they n
california un sestudio sugiere que serÍan involucrarse en comportamiento sexuales de alto riesgo, tienen mayores posibilidades de buenscar o ser solicitados por encuentros sexuales por internet, recomiendan a los padres estar mucho mÁs involucrados con sus hijos. >> en otro tema el museo de ciencia de california inauguraron el museo permanente de endeavor , permanecerÁ hasta el 2017 y despuÉs pasarÁ a un espacio permanente que estÁ en construcciÓn como anexo del mismo museo, hace poco causÓ sensaciÓn cuando fue transportado. hasta llegar al museo de ciencias. >> para todo el pÚblico y mÁs en los Ángeles el transbordador rement aprendizaje que los seres humanos puedan lograr. >> durante 20 aÑos realizÓ 296 dÍas en el espacio como parte clausurado programa de transbordoes de la naciÓn. >> al regresar le voy a con todo. bueno, lo que sucede. >> ahora con la tempestad que ocurre al mismo momento en las mismas horas. en la marea alta, tenemos un doble empate, causÓ anoche inundaciones hasta el sur de la florida, estos dos eventos si estÁn relacionados. pero segÚn los experto
is allen meekum from the university of california and if anybody else would like to speak, please line up. >> supervisors, good afternoon. my name is allen meachum authentic i wanted to assure you that we're in full agreement with the contents of the agreement that you have before you, including recordation of the restricts easement simultaneously with the passage of title and i'm here to answer any questions that you might have. >> thank you. supervisor wiener? >> if i could just say, thank you, because i have been -- well, before i was in office i have been following this project and interested in it, given the importance for the lgbt community and for as along as i can remember there was a dispute between the city and uc about who just owned this and i always wondered why we can't just resolve this and i'm thrilled that the city and uc have been able to resolve it in a really commonsense way. thank you. >> and thank you the city. >> thank you. is there anyone else from the public that would like to speak? >> miss jackson? >> thank you, espinola jackson bayview hunters point and i
a california surfer has been attacked by shark yesterday's attack happened near eureka, look at his surf board that tells the story. last week a southern california surfer was killed by a great white. the eureka surfer is reported in stable condition. >>> 4:57. huge day in the bay area, hours from now san francisco will honor the giants with a ticker tape parade. another live look outside at preparations the fans who are getting an early start before the parade. >> they cannot wait. we have team coverage, coming up. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. with snack-
couple of days. certainly the california national guard is represented heavily here. obviously they are going to be the first guys to respond to a disaster and they have several interesting roles not only from a state perspective but as they get federalized or with the dual status commander managing federal response and federal authorities of military authorities flowing in. and most significantly, we're represented today with the commander of northern command, general jackoby. as you know, defense report to civil authorities is not a primary mission area for the department of defense. we have codified it in policy over the years and certainly things have advanced since 9/11 and hurricane katrina, but there has been a real gap in detailed preplanning for emergency response, particularly as it works its way down the chain into the tactical forces that would respond, most specifically i think those on active duty. this is an area that we don't tend to pay a lot of attention to and very often when it comes we tray to look the other way. i believe that we have been reasonably resp
to be decentralized and we know there are successes here in california and the state is expected to save $3 billion. denver went through a great consolidation and saving millions of dollars. what are those entities doing that we're not? what cultural changes or cultural values have they implemented from a leadership standpoint that we're lacking? >> to be frank i think the organizational stomach really for how much it up sets the organization to go through the changes? the company i worked before did out sowzing of it and we went into states and took over the it operations and we could save a government millions of dollars by doing that, but for a government to centralize or out source it it's disruptive, up setting project to have happen, and i think the majority of us in the city feel enough progress is being made to not take that drastic step and whereas you talk about denver or california and i was familiar with michigan when they consolidated their data centers there and i came to know the head there, and there was a willingness and whether driven by the budget or political desire to upset
partial streaker in colfax, california, during a high school football game between the colfax high falcons and what in this picture doesn't belong? >> that guy. >> him! >> i think he looks like he's wearing, like, leather chaps. >> it's not chaps. jeans pulled down and just a belt around his waist. this is 26-year-old patrick hurley. police identified him. he gets on to the field after hiding in the bushes and jumping a fence, acting very weird, having very strange and creepy gaze. >> is that a weapon? >> this kind of looks like a she sheath or a knife. according to the sheriff's department, that's why they took this very seriously nep thought, they saw that sheath and thought, this guy might have some sort of weapon on him. watch this. he picks up a ball and starts walking around. this guy in the jacket gives him a hi. hi. welcome to the field. watch this guy in the green. form tackle, straight out of the nfl. the guy in the green jacket is actually an off duty lieutenant. hurley has been charged with disorderly conduct and public drunkenness, although he wasn't tested for any alcohol in
efforts in ohio instead of holding a rally. >>> there is no holding back here in california. there's a media blitz surrounding the state ballot measures but there are a few propositions flying under the radar. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee on the ones you're not hearing much about. grace. >>> reporter: perhaps not completely forgotten but they have definitely been quiet considering the nonstop campaigning of some of the props. as we found in looking into three initiatives, there is a reason we're not hearing a lot about them. >>> reporter: >> redistricting, state tax law, and budgeting cycles are not hot button issues and they are not easy to understand. >> reporter: they're not exciting and sexy. >> no, they are not exciting. they're not sexy. >> reporter: but they are important. let's start with proposition 31. vote yes and it would change the legislature's budget cycle from one to two years. supporters say it would allow local governments more planning time because they would know in advance how much money they get. and in gives the governor the power to reduce spending if
work on [speaker not understood]. he was recognized for his california vanity plate which read [speaker not understood] by providing a noel [speaker not understood]. he spoke about his love of baseball as we prepare for the parade tomorrow. i know he would be proud today as well as any of us. and [speaker not understood] he also could be heard regularly bringing clarity and even to such mundane assignments as queueing the traffic reports, or telling all the listeners of what the lunch menu was in the san francisco unified school district as well. but off air he was a tireless devotee of the performing arts. he was a regular opening nights for the symphony ballet and opera and the american conservatory theater as well as smaller institutions. mr. farrly is survived by two indonesianes and a nephew [speaker not understood] in the marianas islands. plans for his memorial service -- scheduled for november 19th from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the war memorial building screen room. please call kalw at 84 1-41 21 for more information. condolances to the kalw family and general manager matt martin. m
in northern california to help those back east. go to and click on see it on tv. >> we will continue to track this storm and remnants of it and the cleanup but move on to other news. >> walt disney company has made a blockbuster multibillion dollar deal. it has purchased the lucas film creator of the star war series. the price tag was four billion dollars. what it means for all of us. >> it is the film that started an empire. star wars, the company that disney is buying for more than $4 billion. with it promise of more adventures from luke sky walker and rdd two. >> they can expect star wars in 7 in 2015. >> they made the purchase official. because lucas has said six episodes has been enough to him. but he will serve as creative consultant but he is retiring and feelings that disney is the best to continue his legacy. >> i probably would have gotten more money if i competed. that is not the issue for me. it's making sure the film is secure and the property is secure and well taken care of. and best shot to continue in the future. >> kathleen kennedy will become the divi
to get through security. >>> plus, just a week after a deadly shark attack, a california surfer is badly injured in another attack. >>> we're watching areas of low clouds and misty skies for your morning commute tomorrow. and a satellite showing our incoming storm system is speeding up. when can rain will arrive and how it might affect the championship parade. >>> he was arrested at sfo for trying to smuggle cocaine to japan. he was allegedly carrying 100 cocaine-filled pellets in his intestined. he was acting as a carrier to elude customs officers. he was taken to the hospital and monitored by the staff until he passed all 2 1/2 pounds of the pellets that tested positive for cocaine. >>> one week until the election day, and mud is flying in san jose with accusations of dirty politics in the district council race. nguyen supporters say they caught on video, herrera husband, seen here, dumping nguyen's campaign signs in a trash can. but herrera's husband says that's not how it happened. he said the signs were posted on his front line. and he was attacked when he tried to get rid of them.
. >> thank you. mr. angelus. >> for verizon wireless in northern california we have two separate offices, we have in walnut creek and also folsom near sacramento. we have another redundancy center in texas. we have it all across our infrastructure and also with our teams. >> thank you. we have one question in the back. >> yes, my question is regarding your ability to bring in repair equipment or crews to make repairs or back-up equipment in case your infrastructure is broken. i know they have that capability but in this area, you know, many roads, bridges would be damaged. do you have your own internal aviation capability or lift capability to bring in those repair equipment and crews or is that something that you would be looking to other organizations to provide that airlift capability? >> start with mr. johnson. >> yeah, we have some limited capability in terms of aircraft and on site helicopters in our outskirting area, but in terms of a major event in the san francisco bay area, we would be heavily focused on those folks who provide that service to us under contract. we do not hav
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